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How to choose a domain name

What domain should I choose for my website?


To choose a domain seems the easiest thing, and therefore is underestimated, for example, the company "tizioecaio" may have its own domain, which will be (unless someone else with the same name has not already purchased it).
There is nothing wrong, it could be a solution, but let's see it from another point of view, those of the search engines: when we are looking for something in google, the first match of the entered keywords is related to the name of the domein, so if the company “tizioecaio” sells prosciutto, it will be difficult to found it on the first page of the search "selling prosciutto," while with certainty among the first results would come out the site (hypothetically.. any reference is a coincidence)
I would like also to remind you that in the results displayed by the search engine, clearly and certainly is shown the title of the site, and eventually, with smaller letters, its domain. It can be argued that if a domain does not contain the company name, it does not represent that company in a unique way.. Indeed, if on the business card of tiziocaio is written the Web site, this will confuse their potential clients and partners.
It is therefore necessary to choose where to put the focus – on the position in the search engines or on the name of the company? Of course, the choice is entirely personal, but it is best to use intermediate solutions such as
According to me, if you want to be better positioned in the search engines, you must include keywords in the domain itself, even if it is clearly not enough. To get a complete picture of the methods for positioning, please note the following:
The weight of the links.
A detailed guide for the posiotining in the search engines.
As for the type of the domain, we are offering you a brief description of the most frequently used domain names, in order to determine for what purpose are used:

  • com - commercial companies
  • net - organizations serving network
  • org - non profit organizations
  • it - Italian national domain
  • eu - European domain